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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BSNL 3G plans review

BSNL is offering following 3G prepaid plans for new customers in Andhra Pradesh circle. Vennela Match & Nestham plans are popular among these plans. For complete details of these plans, see the corresponding posts.

BSNL 3G General plan is available for new 3G connections as well existing 2G customers.

2G customers can migrate to 3G General plan, by sending M3G120 to 53733.

This plan is not recommended because Friends and Family offer is valid for only two BSNL numbers, Night calling discounts are also not applicable and no free monthly messages. One can go for the either 3G Vennela Super or 3G Vennela Match plan

Plan Details:

SIM Cost : Rs59/-
First Recharge Coupon : Rs120/-
Free Talk Value on FRC : Rs20/- *
Free Video Calls : 100min(BSNL only) *
Free Data : 500MB *
Call Charges:
Video Call

: Rs0.70/min(Local Any N/w)

: Rs1.00/min(STD Any N/w)
Voice Call

: Rs0.50/min (Local/STD BSNL)

: Rs0.70/min (Local/STD Other N/w)
Data Usage Charges : Rs0.02/10KB
SMS Charges : Rs0.40 per SMS(Local/STD)
Friends and Family : Rs0.20/min (Two Local BSNL Nos)
Validity : 180 days

* Only for new 3G connections and valid for 30 days

The popular BSNL 2G nestham plan is now available for 3G customers also. Existing 2G customers can migrate to 3G Nestham plan without changing their SIM card.

Promotional benefits for new customers :

First recharge coupon cost: 30Rs
Free Talk value : 30Rs*
Free SMS : 2000*
Free video calls: 100min*
Free Data download : 600MB*

Promotional benefits for existing customers:
First migrate to General 3G plan: send M3G120 to 53733
Then to 3G Nestham with migration voucher: 36Rs
Free Talk-time : 30Rs*
Plan details:
Free SMS : 200 per month(Local)
SMS charges :
50ps / SMS Local(beyond free limit)
60ps / SMS National
Call charges:
BSNL Network(Local/National) : 1ps/Sec
Other Network (Local/National): 1.2ps/Sec
Video call charges:
Incoming: Re.1/Min
BSNL : 70ps/min (Local/STD)
Other : 1Rs/min (Local/STD)
Friends and Family offer applicable to: 5 nos(Local only)
call charges for BSNL F&F numbers : 10ps/min
call charges for other Network F&F numbers : 30ps/min
Roaming Charges:
Incoming: Re.1/Min
Outgoing BSNL: 1ps/sec
Outgoing other: 1.2ps/sec
Data usage charges: 2ps/10KB

*To be used within 30 days

BSNL added one more plan to its bouquet, Vennela match plan. It is available for both 2G and 3G prepaid customers in Andhra Pradesh circle.

BSNL cleverly combined all the existing plans to derive this plan. Free monthly messages offer which is missing from Match plan is included in this plan, as well as friends and family offer. One more good addition in this plan is reduced night calling charges, which is missing in vennela and nestham plans.

BSNL mixed all the existing prepaid plans, in good proportions, to make it more pocket friendly plan.

Plan Details:

SIM Cost:
2G : Rs.20/-
3G : Rs.59/-
FRC Cost:
2G : Rs.28/-
3G : Rs.24/-
Free TalkValue:
2G : Rs.28/-
3G : Rs.24/-
Free SMS : 2000^
Free Data Usage:
2G : 50MB^
3G : 200MB^
Free Video Calls(3G) :100Min^
Voice Call Charges:
own n/w :1Paise/Sec(Loacal/STD)
other n/w :1Paise/Sec(Local/STD)
Reduced Call Charges(F&F): 5Nos(Within AP)
own n/w :20Paise/Min
other n/w :40Paise/Min
Night Call Charges: Within AP(11PM-6AM)
own n/w :20Paise/Min
other n/w :40Paise/Min
Roaming Call Charges:
Incoming :Re.1/Min
outgoing own n/w :Re.1/Min
outgoing other n/w :Rs.1.2/Min
Video Call Charges:
Incoming :Re.1/Min
outgoing own n/w :70Paise/Min(Loacal/STD)
outgoing other n/w :Re.1/Min(Local/STD)
Free SMS per month: 100
SMS Charges:
Local/National :Re.1
International :Rs.5
Validity: Lifetime*

^To be used within 30 days; *Minimum topup of Rs.200/- for every six months is required.

This 3G prepaid plan is available in Andhra Pradesh circle from 17-07-2010.

2G to 3G migration :
First Migrate to 3G general plan: send M3G120 to 53733, then to 3G vennela super plan, with migration voucher Rs140/-. Free Talk value of Rs125/- is offered.

Plan Details:

SIM Cost : Rs59/-
First Recharge Coupon : Rs139/-
Free Talk Value on FRC : Rs50/-*
Free Video Calls : 100min(BSNL only)*
Free Messages : 2000*
Free Data : 200MB*
Call Charges:
Video Calls:
: Rs0.70/min(Local Any N/w)
: Rs1.00/min(STD Any N/w)
Voice Calls:
: 1ps/sec (Local/STD BSNL)
: 1.2ps/sec (Local/STD Other N/w)
Friends and Family Charges : Rs0.30/min (Five Local BSNL Nos)
Night Calling Charges : Rs0.20/min (9:30pm-7:30am, Local BSNL)
Free SMS : 250 Local SMS per month
SMS Charges:
Local : 20ps/SMS (after free limit)
STD : 60ps/SMS
Data Usage Charges : Rs0.02/10KB
Validity : Lifetime**

*only for new 3G connections, with 30 days validity;

** Minimum top-up of Rs200/- is required for every six months.

For further info, call 1800-180-1503 or 1503 from BSNL.

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