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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nokia Sleeping screen gets updated

Nokia Sleeping Screen application, which allows Symbian S6o ^3 users to change their sleeping screen to something more colourful than the ordinary clock, has received an update.

With the new update, Nokia Sleeping screen gets a totally new identity as along with the older stock interfaces. Nokia users are now also allowed to use their own custom images as the sleeping screen. The images will not appear the way they appear in the real world but the software will modify the images and convert it in to something similar to what the stock images looked like.

The Nokia Sleeping Screen was first launched in April as an experimental application.

Nokia developers have added a plain looking clock to the sleeping screen that makes more space available on the screen since users now will be using a lot of custom images. Along with that new stack themes or images for the sleeping screen have been added to the application if users want to use them. And finally the missing link, the orientation change for the sleeping screen has now been enabled so now with the change in the orientation of the phone the sleeping screen also changes the orientation which was obviously missing earlier.

The sleeping screen is available at the Nokia beta labs as a public beta and all those who want to use this on their Symbian^3 devices can download it directly from the Nokia Beta Labs or can follow the link.

Nokia is looking for more suggestion and comments about this so if you have a query or suggestion to make any other improvement that might be helpful to other users then please share the same on the beta lab.

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