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Friday, August 19, 2011

Google Maps updated to version 5.9

Internet giant Google has announced an updated version of its Maps service. The new Google Maps 5.9 allows users to customize their 'My Places' tab with pictures. Also, users will now be prompted to add a new option to My Places whenever they check in to a place not on their list. Users can also manage their points of interest under the My Places tab on the basis of 'starred' and 'recently visited' as well.

The recently discontinued feature of bubble tags has also been re-activated in Google Maps 5.9, so again users can simply select a particular bubble and use it to navigate to that place or call the person on Google Latitude.

Tablet users will now be able to access transit navigation details using their tablets as well. For better understanding, detailed information has now been added to places.

This update requires an Android OS 1.6+ device and works wherever Google Maps is currently available. You can download Google Maps 5.9 on your Android device manually or from the Android Marketplace. Alternatively, you could follow this link.

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