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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Honeycomb 3.2 to provide better compatibility mode for applications

Have you ever used an application on your Honeycomb tablet that does not fit properly on the big screen and looks awkward? Well, Android tablet users will soon be free of the woes of having to use resized applications that are not optimised for devices with bigger screens.

Starting with the next version of Honeycomb (i.e. Honeycomb 3.2), Android operating system will not have the ability to automatically resize in order to curb this problem. This will help users to manually control the size of applications according to their device's display.

Beginning with Honeycomb 3.2, with the launch of applications, a button will appear on the taskbar allowing users to select between the two viewing modes.

With the 'Stretch to fill screen' option, the application will be resized as per the native resolution of the tablet and will fill it with content while over-riding the default display settings of the device, giving the user a full screen experience. The display might seem stretched or distorted as the application emulates the resolution in this mode.

'Zoom to fill screen' is the other option, with which the application will zoom to fit the screen, appearing better and non-stretched.

As of now the new functionality has only been announced for upcoming versions of Honeycomb but there is a huge possibility that Google might soon announce it for older Android devices as an upgrade.

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