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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Disco comes up with new update

The group messaging app, Disco has come with a new update which adds some new features such as photo sharing and one to one chat facility to it. The app has been created by the Slide team, which is a part of Google.

The new update brings several new features to the app including Twitter and Yelp integration. Photo sharing is also another important addition since most of the competitors have it.

It seems slightly out of place, since Twitter and Yelp are Google's competitors. But then, Slide has been working almost autonomously within Google, and the app Disco hasn't received any promotion from Google either.

Users can just use the 'Star' command to follow any Twitter feed within the Disco groups and view all the updates from that feed. Users can also quickly create a poll within the app to quickly get the group feedback about a question.

The same group Slide is also working on other apps such as Pool Party which we have reported earlier. In the future, there is a good possibility that the two apps would be combined together. The results would be interesting.

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