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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BSNL to launch its new website

State run telecom PSU , BSNL is working in all areas to mop up revenue from services as well as other sources. Hon’ble minister has given the target of increase in revenue by 25% by March,2012. To attain the target BSNL is trying work on all aspects which a professional company need to.

The website is an important interface of the company with all it stakeholders be it customers,employees, vendors etc. and works as one brand touch point. For services, customers infer about the quality of services from different brand cues and website is one of them. Working on this guiding philosophy and to make its website more contemporary ,user friendly , BSNL is slated to launch its new website. The beta version of the website is ready. The new website looks clean, clutter free and contemporary.

There is more space allocated for branding of services and the content /links which are frequently used by customers are positioned at prime places to add convenience. The content is well organised and thus gives uncluttered appearance.

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