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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sony PlaySation Vita coming soon

Sony has unveiled its new generation portable handheld game console, named as PlaySation Vita, at the Annual Electronics expo E3 2011 in Los Angeles. It will be available in India either by the end of this year or by early 2012 and this time Sony is not in mood for delaying the device as it has happened with many devices in the past.

The Vita gets quite a few upgrades over the older PSP but the biggest one remains the inclusion of 3G connectivity that will allow this device to access High speed telephony based data while on the Go.

The Vita features a quad core mobile processor based on the Arm Cortex A9 architecture and a dedicated GPU. The device also features a rear and a front camera. The Vita also features a capacitive trackpad at the back of the device like the one featured on the Motorola Backflip for easy and accurate navigation.

Sony has included a six axis motion sensing system that comprises of a three axis gyroscope and a three axis accelerometer for accurate motion sensing. Besides, a three axis compass has also been added to the device for location based tracking in conjunction with the integrated GPS system.

In short, the plans for this device look very clear that Sony wants to give the game console tablet like functionality so that they can also take on their side of fight in the tablet wars. PSP will definitely benefit from its user base and with the advanced functionality that have been added to the Vita the future seems to be bright for this one.

The PSVita will be available in two variants, the Wi-Fi only variant for $249 (Rs 13,000) and the 3G variant for $299 (Rs 15,000), which is not a high price to be paid for an advanced gaming console.

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