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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nokia battery monitor upgraded to V2.0

Nokia's popular battery monitoring application, which earlier used to help monitor the smartphone's battery usage, has been upgraded to version 2.0.

The new version of the application gets a few performance tweaks which make it faster and more accurate when comes to battery estimation and usage calculations.

Besides, a new feature help save battery and optimise battery usage so that the battery runs longer and the power efficiency of the smartphone increases.

The new version of the application brings along the older features of the application that include battery usage patterns and estimation on the basis of various activities. Only with the new release the predictions will be more accurate and users can also see the past reports of the usage patterns in form of graphs which are saved by the application online.

The new application also includes the battery health estimation, which depending on the power depletion time taken by the smartphone under various usage patterns and charge cycles, will try and estimate the condition of the battery and the same can be used to know whether the phone needs a battery change or not.

The battery monitor V2.0 application has been developed by Nokia and is available for download for all Nokia Symbian Series 60 ^3 devices only.

Users can download the application from the OVI store directly from the smartphones or can also follow the link for the same. Link :

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