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Monday, June 6, 2011

Naaptol application now on Android

Naaptol, a virtual home shopping brand, has come up with an application for Android-based devices, the users of which can use it for quick and convenient shopping.

The application will enable users to browse more than two lakh products from more than 500 categories and garner detailed information (image review, MRP), reviews, specifications of the products and experts' reviews. This procedure helps the user to do a comparative analysis of the available products and can avail the products at the best price point.

The user can also mark a product as favourite, so that he can use the same later. If the user wishes to purchase a particular product from a particular store, he can do that by following an easy procedure provided by the application.

On starting the application, the user is shown three main options: To browse products in Naaptol, to access favourites quickly, or to search products.

In order to simplify browsing through Naaptol's large database, users have to start with a dropdown showing all basic categories such as smartphones, computers and peripherals, automobiles, etc.

After selecting the basic category, another dropdown is provided for a subcategory. For example, if the user selects computers and peripherals as the basic category, then the subcategory list would populate with options such as printers, cabinets and laptops. After selecting the desired subcategory, the screen is populated with a list of the most popular products in this subcategory.

If the user knows what he is looking for, he can just use the 'search' option to directly locate his product of interest.

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