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Friday, June 10, 2011

Message for free with Nokia IM

Nokia has launched a new instant messenger client, which allows you to send messages to anybody else who has the same app installed as well as to people with Ovi Mail account, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and MySpace IM.

The app, called as IM for Nokia, is currently available on Ovi Store and will come pre-installed on new devices over the coming months.

To use this, all you need to do is to download the app from Ovi Store, load it in the applications menu of your Nokia phone and log in using your Ovi account username and password, the same one you use when downloading from Ovi Store. Press the menu button on the bottom left of the screen and add friends. Type in your friends Ovi email address to add them to your contacts list and when they're online, you'll see them added to your Friends list.

You can also log into the other accounts — such as Google Talk — by going through the same process, but selecting the appropriate account.

To chat with a friend you will have to find one of your friends in the list, press their name and your phone will open a chat window. Type your message into the text bar at the bottom of the screen and when you're done, press the send arrow next to the text box. For smiley press the face button.

After you've finished your chat, press the options menu again, scroll down and press the Hideoption. This will keep this app running in the background so that people can still contact you throughout the day and vice-versa without having to log in again.

There is also a home screen widget, which reminds you that you're online and if you're chatting to anybody. There is also a Do not disturb button and an invisible mode.

On devices with S40 operating system, the home screen widget is available but do not come with option to change your chat availability

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