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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Windows Phone 7's problems with Nodo update continue

In yet another setback for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has stopped sending Nodo updates to some of Samsung's phones. The Nodo update was released in March and has features such as copy-paste and marketplace search.

The trouble experienced by Microsoft in sending mobile updates is slightly surprising. The problem, however, is occurring only with one or two handsets.

One Microsoft employee, Michael Stroh, said on the official blog, "Yes, we've temporarily stopped sending updates to (Samsung) Omnia7s. The team discovered a technical issue with the update package for this model. The work of fixing and testing the package is nearly done, and the team hopes to resume update deliveries soon."

Right from the outset, Samsung Omnia has been a problem for the Windows Phone 7 team. A large number of customers are receiving their updates on time, but the hiccup with Omnia and Samsung Focus has not been solved as yet. Samsung Omnia is available in India so some Indian users would also be affected by the problem.

This is not the only thing bothering users though. The company has been posting regularly on a blog about the current status of the updates, but information regarding which phones won't be receiving updates has not been forthcoming.

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