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Monday, May 9, 2011

Vodafone Super Week 4:Cricket Super Week

Vodafone Super Week continues to offers exciting freebies to its prepaid and postpaid customers. Today launched “Cricket SUPER WEEKS” would be Vodafone’s fourth week of showering free benefits. “Cricket Super Week” will allow Vodafone Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers to access Yahoo Cricket, ESPN Star, Cricket Next and Cricinfo for FREE on their mobile phone. Launched in April last month – Vodafone ‘SUPER WEEKS’ is one ticket to 6 weeks of FUN and offers! Last week Vodafone had offered FREE access to Yahoo mail and Gmail.

The “Cricket SUPER WEEK” offer is only valid for one week (7 Days) from 00:00:00 hours Saturday 07 May to 11:59:59 PM Friday 13th May 2011. To avail the super week offer send SMS ‘SUPER’ to 111 (toll free).

vodafone Cricket SUPER WEEK IPL free

Vodafone Cricket Super Week - Terms & conditions:

1. The mobile websites mentioned in the communication are free when accessed from your mobile phone.

2. Charges could be incurred at your usual tariffs if you visit other websites or due to other issues beyond our control, eg:

  • clicking through from the free site to other websites/applications;
  • sites fetching ads/sponsored urls from other sources/websites;
  • browsing through certain mobile browsers (like Opera mini);
  • accessing non-mobile versions of the sites;
  • accessing the email applications through downloaded applications rather than browsing to the websites.

3. Campaign is only valid for one week from 00:00:00 hours Saturday 7th May to 11:59:59

PM Friday 13th May 2011.

4. Vodafone has made sites free on the basis of the information provided by the site owners which Vodafone has acted upon in good faith.

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