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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Samsung to unveil new 10.1 inch display

Samsung will unveil a new 10.1 inch display with 2560x1600 resolutions next week in the SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium in Los Angeles, said the company in a press release.

This resolution is much better than anything else what is on offer on other tablets currently. Samsung says it uses PenTile technology (geometrical layout of subpixels used in electronic device displays and is a Samsung Trademark) in the display which will allow the display to operate at 40 per cent less power than other similar devices.

Samsung has, however, said that the display technology may undergo an upgrade. There are no indications when the new display will make its way to the Samsung Galaxy line up. But if it does, it will bring Samsung a significant advantage over its competitors.

The new display is a joint effort between Nouvoyance and Samsung.

"Samsung's PenTile display technology is the only display technology that operates at 40 per cent less power yet provides twice that of full HD-viewing performance for consumers compared to legacy RGB stripe LCDs," said Sungtae Shin, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics.

He added, "There is no other commercial display technology in the market today that offers such high resolution and pixel density in a 10.1-inch size display."

Apple, the current leader in the tablet PC market, has chosen to stay away from the PenTile technology so far, unlike its rivals like Google who used it in its Nexus One smartphone. Apple has decided to stick to the in plane switching technology (a display technology developed by Hitachi that improves viewing angles) for its displays in iPhones and iPads.

Chances are that the new display will also not make its way into Apple's product stable as the 10.1 inch form factor is different from the 9.7 inch size adopted by iPad.

The resolution also is way beyond the current 1024 x 768 display used by iPad. But Apple is not likely to stay quiet while the opposition takes away the kudos.

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