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Friday, May 27, 2011

Nokia’s Ovi Store adds LinkedIn mobile application

LinkedIn ,the world’s largest professional network ,will now be available on Nokia’s content store Ovi Store in the form of mobile app. Nokia users can now access the 9mn member network website using this app and use it to send and receive messages from their connections, add new members, accept or decline invitations, browse profiles, search connections, share status updates and do much more, while on the move. Initially LinkedIn mobile app is available through the Store on the Nokia N8, Nokia E7 and Nokia C6 and it can be downloaded for free.

The application features six modules, each with a user experience designed and created especially for Nokia devices:

* Updates: Users can view and share crucial business intelligence and updates with their networks, which is perfect for those spare moments between meetings.

* Connections: Users now have quick access to any of their connections in order to get their up-to-date profile information, as well as the ability to send them messages immediately.

* Search: Nokia has implemented a unified search across both the users’ direct connections and the entire LinkedIn network. So all Nokia consumers can now search across over 100 million global professionals, and get results back in seconds.

* Invitations: Why wait to get back to one’s desk? The app enables one to accept outstanding invitations immediately and invite people to connect, anytime, from anywhere.

* Inbox: Users can, of course, stay up-to-date with their LinkedIn messages and communicate with professionals within their networks all the time.

* Reconnect: This module brings suggestions for new connections to you, helping users build and leverage their networks on the go

Additionally, the LinkedIn app on the Ovi Store also incorporates a unique speech bubble icon on the top-right, allowing users to post status messages that can be synched with the twitter account.

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