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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nokia to launch advanced 3D mobile

With the world head over heels over the two 3D capable phones revealed by HTC and LG, Finnish handset maker Nokia, too, is reportedly making a dual screen 3D mobile phone.

The device, which would be the world's first auto-stereoscopic vision based 3D smartphone, will incorporate two different displays that project a three dimensional image with the help of a camera that monitors the user's eye level for more accurate 3D projection.

Since the images change according to the user's position, he needs to stay still to view 3D, which is the biggest problem with existing glasses-free 3D displays.

The patent of the auto-stereoscopic vision, which has been bagged by Nokia, describes the technology as "an apparatus comprising a sensor configured to detect the position and orientation of a user viewpoint with respect to an auto-stereoscopic display; a processor configured to determine a surface viewable from the user viewpoint of at least one three dimensional object; and an image generator configured to generate a left and right eye image for display on the auto-stereoscopic display dependent on the surface viewable from the user viewpoint."

Meanwhile, Nokia has patented a new touch technology that comprises a pressure sensor that can measure the depth of touch as well.

By using these two technologies together, a new level of realism in augmented reality can be achieved. Moreover, with a 3D touch interface, better and more realistic interaction can also be achieved.

Considering the present scenario it is expected that the new device will be based on the Windows operating system and is likely to feature Intel's latest 3D oriented processor based on tri-gate transistor architecture.

LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D are two other such phones that are based on Android operating system. While Evo 3D is expected to be launched in the second quarter of this year, Optimus may hit stores around the world by June.

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