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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ovi mail migrates to Yahoo...!!

Ovi Mail and Chat are now powered by Yahoo. A year ago Nokia announced that it will dump Ovi Mail and its instant messaging service, and will instead use Yahoo's platform to provide email and IM.

The process is now complete although older mails will take some time to transfer to the new platform.

Nokia claims that users will get a faster and more powerful mail client, and that they will be able to chat on the web for the first time. Till now it was only available on mobile.

The Nokia or Ovi account id can be used to log into Yahoo services such as Yahoo! News or Finance.

Users will have to accept the terms of service, for which they will have to go to They will have to pull email and contact data into the new service within 90 days of April 6, 2011. After the three months, old data will be lost.

For support there are two sites. The Mail Support Site has basic FAQs (frequently asked questions) and guidance.

In addition, a site hosted by Yahoo! includes help topics, a profile of new features, and guidance on managing the account.

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