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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HP TouchPad to have music and movie stores

Hewlett-Packard is planning to bring music and movie stores to the HP TouchPad tablet, according to reports.

The company may also allow users to sync their content through HP servers.

The music store may also come with a programme which will make sure the frequently accessed music tracks are stored locally on the users' device. Users will also be able to stream music which is not owned by them. Probably, users would be required to pay a monthly subscription fee to consume music. HP may follow the iTunes model in which users get a small free preview of the content, and the full content can only be accessed if the users pay for it.

HP is making every effort to make its TouchPad more attractive for the end users, and the cloud based services are a step in the same direction.

Apple, Amazon, and Google have all been moving towards a future full of attractive cloud services, and now HP is joining the party as well.

The HP story began in 2010 when it acquired the music streaming company Melodeo. The logic of the acquisition has become clear only now. The webOS operating system of Hewlett-Packard allows the apps running on the tablet to show up as cards enabling the users to manage several apps at the same time.

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