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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bump goes 2.0

Bump has finally launched version 2.0 of its data transferring application for the Android users.

Bump, which used to be the No 1 application on iPhone, didn't do very well in the Android Market thanks to some of its flaws and not to mention the bruised phones as you needed to bump the devices to transfer information and data.

With Bump 2.0, the company has tried to address some of these flaws.

With the new version, users will be able to remember people with whom they have bumped in the past. Also, irrespective of the distance, users will now be able to transfer data with them using the available network or internet connection.

Along with this, one will also get to see the history of apps and information shared with the other users. They would be allowed to share multiple applications and photos with fellow bump users, which was not allowed earlier.

Bump's user interface has also been revamped with an iPhone kind look. The new user interface is neater in terms of layout and looks while making the applications a whole lot stable and faster, claims the company.

Like its previous version, Bump 2.0 continues to be a free application and can be downloaded from the Android marketplace on Android 1.5 and above devices.

Users can also click here to download it.

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