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Monday, April 4, 2011

AP Telecom Blog views crosses 30,000

KarTech Solutions Pvt Ltd has started this AP Telecom Blog so as to provide info about latest telecom news and various offers that are introduced by the mobile operators in Andhra Pradesh. This is the only blog especially designed and started for the people of Andhra Pradesh for providing telecom info.

AP Telecom Blog thanks all its viewers for making this blog a very big success and hope will do so in the near future too. We are happy to announce that this blog views have crossed 30,000 within a span of 9 months from the time it has started. We would like to say that this blog is a non-commercial blog. This blog has not been stared for money like what other blogs do. The founder of this blog, Mr.Karthik Jammulapati is a die hard fan of technology and telecommunications. So he had started this blog to provide info about those things. He is now busy in his preparation for the Indian Civil Services as he is an IPS Aspirant and has been preparing for it in New Delhi from 2years. So now this blog is being maintained by Vishaal Jammulapati, brother of Karthik Jammulapati and he too does the same thing what his brother used to do but there will be some modifications like we will provide our own study about various mobiles and tech gadgets and no matter will be copied/manipulated from any other websites which are dieing hard for money and cried on our blog's success as the blog views are increasing day by day. Tit for Tat is our motto.

Hope the people of Andhra Pradesh makes use of this blog to stay updated with the latest buzz in telecom sector. Once again thanks to all the viewers of this blog and wish you all a Happy Ugadi. Happy New Year to all.

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  1. What an excellent news!
    I was so happy with this news because i am from Andhra Pradesh.
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