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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Airtel luring 2G users to try 3G with sachet offering

AirTel, India’s largest mobile company, is running campaign in digital media with the objective of luring 2G customers to try out 3G services. The message tries to break the inertia in the mind of users by offering Rs.9 sachet plan for trial. The idea is if once the customer gets hooked to the services like high speed internet, video calling, video streaming etc. then she may decide to get on with 3G.

The copy of the ad is very clean, clutter free and enticing . Clicking on the ad takes one to AirTel 3G data calculator page where customer can understand the probable monthly data consumption based on his/her specific need. The best part is that data calculator automatically suggest the best suitable plan for any monthly consumption. Also the customer gets educated about the features of 3G service. This kind of clear, simple communication will certainly ease out the customer and coax him to get hooked to.

Today so many mobile operator with so many plans and messages, makes it really tough for a consumer to take a confident decision. Thus consumers often make their decisions based on retailer or friend ‘s suggestions and always carry some doubts in their mind. In such scenario, this kind of communication will certainly help consumers in convinced decision making and leading to consumer loyalty.

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