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Monday, March 21, 2011

Micromax M2 : Mobile Phone Review

Continuing with its innovations, Micromax has now launched the new M2 handset.

M2 is a dual sim phone with a music bias. From the first look itself it reminds of the Apple iPod, and being a dedicated music phone it justifies it also to some extent.

The M2 features an industry first 'click wheel', which is a mechanism similar to the one found on the iPod used for navigation by both motion touch and click. The 2 inch display has a QGVA resolution, while the M2 features a VGA resolution camera as well.

It sports a multi format MP3/Video player and a 2GB on board memory for storage. The saddest part is that the memory is non expandable, which means you will have to stick to 2GB for life or you can wait for Micromax to launch another version maybe a M3. The connectivity is standard with a 3.5 mm headset jack.

The phone comes with bundled full sized adjustable headphones probably to justify its price of Rs 4,500.

It does come with a hands free kit too. The phone's sound output is SRS wow HD certified, so music quality is expected to be better. The battery is an 850 mAh lithium ion battery pack, which should ideally power it for 1-2 days of music and calling, but not on the bigger headphones.

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