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Monday, March 21, 2011

Guerrilla Bob now on Android devices

The gaming world of Android is improving all the time. Some time ago, the only games users could play over the Android operating system were elementary level games.

Now the users have the option to play with Guerrilla Bob with machine guns. The Guerrilla Bob game is about an action shooter who fights against villains of all types. It has come to the Android from iOS platform.

The back and menu buttons are to control the shooting, but these controls do not work equally effectively on all the screens. On such phones, the touchscreen controls come quite handy.

The weapons are set at 'auto aim', which reduces the excitement of the game a little.

Overall, the game is fast paced, and the character gets upgraded whenever users mow down their enemies.

Those users who are on a WiFi network can play in a multi-player environment, as all the Android, Macs and iOS devices are compatible for multi-player gaming.

The game comes with some stunning graphics, good for Android standards. Sound effects are good and humorous at the same time.

One downside is that users can't quit the game midway. The game keeps running in background and only the Android system can finish the game. Those who have a task manager app may, however, kill it midway. The Xperia Play device controls can also be used to play the game.

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